March 2020 

Victoria Primary School has been saved for the community,

at least temporarily but hopefully for good! 

The proposal (the crucial Stage Two Community Asset Transfer Application) sent in by the Heart of Newhaven Steering Group has been validated and posted on the Council's public website.

This means our bid has been legally recognised and now takes priority over all others.

There will probably be further negotiation with the Council, but it means that until our application, which includes a fully sustainable business plan based on what you, the community have said you want, has been fully assessed - which will take several months - the Council cannot consider any other application for the whole or even part of the site, submitted by any other business or organisation.  

So it certainly won't become flats or anything else until the proposals are fully examined, complete with an appeal process to the Scottish Parliament if necessary.

Keep checking the HoN website for more details as they emerge and pass on the good news to all your friends and neighbours.  

We’re one very important step closer to making The Heart of Newhaven a functioning reality for the whole community.

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